What Type of Improvements May Occur?

We know that there will be hundreds of small changes, or “Glimpses of change”, during your child’s Tomatis® journey. Some can appear within hours of starting while others take months. Many are hidden deep inside and don’t show up until years later.

Here’s a list of 80 observations the parents of a gorgeous little boy shared with Carine Bakker, their Tomatis® Practitioner in Christchurch. The improvements are both common and typical for Tomatis®. They also demonstrate just how involved the auditory system is in brain function and overall performance.


David is six years old. He suffered his first bout of tonsils at 14 months and the following four years he had tonsillitis some 20 times. His tonsils were finally removed in 2018 and he had grommets inserted in 2019.

David has struggled with learning, speech, and language since infancy.

In September 2020, his parents decided to try Tomatis®.

Improvements after the 1st Tomatis® listening intensive

David’s parents reported these improvements within 3 weeks after starting Tomatis®.

  • Positive change in sleep patterns
  • Less nervous energy
  • Voice softens or strengthens
  • Sings or plays more with voice (sounds)
  • Increased clarity of speech
  • Can imitate tones more accurately
  • Improved hand writing
  • More consistent energy level
  • Better sense of rhythm
  • More motivated
  • Thinking before acting
  • Improved attention span
  • More open-minded
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Improved reading skills
  • Initiates reading – now reads number plates of cars spontaneously
  • Less irritable
  • Less anxious or tense
  • Maths seems easier
  • Improved sentence structure
  • More inquisitive
  • More animated
  • Less overwhelmed
  • More talking/communicating
  • Gentler with animals/people
  • Healthier emotions
  • Increased sense of humour
  • Increased self-confidence
  • More confident in writing in class
  • Increased independence previously Dad had to accompany him to his class in the mornings, but now he leaves Dada and runs by himself to his classroom when dropped at school
  • More sensitive to innuendo/hints
  • More expressive
  • More thoughtful
  • More calm and relaxed
  • More outgoing
  • Improved mood
  • More positive toward school
  • Happier young boy than before
  • Improved organisation – e.g. getting dressed in the mornings
  • Improved phonemic awareness – he now can discern the final sounds of words
  • Moved up 2 levels for reading in his class
  • Began to sing – which he has never done before
  • Now dances to the rhythm (and dances more than before) of the music, previously was not rhythmic in his movements.
  • Now responsive to tuition – previously Mum experienced as if coming up against a wall which could not be penetrated when teaching him
  • Not so tired after school any longer
  • Now able to “negotiate, reason” with parents when he would like to see a specific outcome and they were of a different mind – which didn’t happen before Tomatis. Previously he would simply kick and scream when opposed.
  • Now able to share with parents what he did at school that day (into specifics, e.g. “we learned about the “ch” sounds today)– previously couldn’t tell what he did at school at all
  • Can now remember (and have the energy) at the end of the school day to put his homework packet into his school bag. Previously Mum always had to come and help him, and he would be the last to leave the classroom in the afternoon. Now he’s out the door with his class mates
  • He is now able to sit down and do the homework with his mum – previously a struggle. He even thinks he’s “super clever” now!!
  • More appreciative of being corrected: when he left his fork on the table as he took his dishes to the kitchen and his dad reminded him to also take his fork, he responded: “Thanks for reminding me, Dad.” Has not happened before.
  • His school teacher remarked: ”This child has improved a lot over the past month.”
  • Increased phonemic awareness and discernment of order in which sounds are organised: previously would segment the word “cat” as “a-c-t”. Can now in correct order.

Improvements after the 2nd Tomatis® Intensive

After a break of 6 weeks, David started his second Tomatis® intensive.

When finished, and only two and a half months after starting his Tomatis® journey, David had not only maintained the gains from the 1st Intensive but added even more skills:

  • More appropriate levels of physical activity
  • Breathing more deeply and regularly
  • Better memory for names
  • Improved short term memory
  • Improved spelling
  • Improved socialization
  • Better at starting/finishing projects
  • Can do things in the right order
  • Improved memorization skills
  • Appropriate social boundaries/contacts
  • New interests
  • More sensitive to voice tone
  • More responsive to environment
  • More adventurous
  • More patient
  • He is still singing (since his 1st Intensive), but now he’s creating his own tunes to known lyrics. ?
  • Sings in tune
  • Performs at standard in Maths, Literacy and other school subjects. Before Tomatis he was so far behind that his parents feared he would have to repeat the year
  • Teacher remarked: ”I can definitely see you’re doing something!”
  • Before Tomatis he was tired, irritated and didn’t talk to Mum much after school. All that has changed for the better – now he can hardly stop talking!
  • He can now discern/hear the endings of words
  • Improved perseverance, he doesn’t give up so easily, and no more crying when something seems difficult.
  • He can now do a forward tumble on the trampoline – previously he didn’t even have a go at it.
  • He no longer skips lines when he’s reading, eye tracking has improved
  • Wittier, cracks jokes
  • More inquisitive – asks many questions
  • He is now able to take turns and has no problem if his friend goes first when they play games.

Woodcock Johnson Literacy Assessment (March 2021)

David’s most recent report (Woodcock Johnson Literacy Assessment) shows that he has increased in all language areas, reading, and reading comprehension gaining 3 years in progress within 6 months. Before Tomatis®, his mum said that she felt like she was “hitting an impenetrable wall” with regards to helping him with his literacy. She worked with him every day after school so was very aware of his difficulties.

Find more examples of changes here: Glimpses of change.

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