Giving your baby the best start in life

… means taking care of you. The quality of your pregnancy is vital.

From around week 18 to 20, your baby’s auditory system is totally awake. It’s the only sense that is fully developed before birth.

Sound feeds the growing brain with stimulation, helps to structure and organise sensory input and paves the way for learning and language.

Your baby is literally bathing in sounds — and your hormones.

When you are relaxed and happy, your little unborn thrives.

Minimize pregnancy stress and anxiety

The Tomatis® Method improves the quality of your pregnancy by reducing stress and tension. It also restores your energy and helps you sleep better, but that’s not all.

Tomatis® babies are special. They are alert, relaxed, happy and curious. They have amazing muscle tone, they connect and bond immediately. They communicate from start.

How do we know that?

Tomatis® Practitioners around the world have worked with pregnant women for more than 60 years. We meet with them and their newborns. We hear their stories and we are just as thrilled as they are.

We can’t imagine a better start of a new life — for everybody involved.