Air and bone conduction in the Tomatis® Method

Sound is vibration! When it travels through the air to the eardrum, we use the term air conduction. Sound travels even better through the bones of the body: this is called bone conduction. Cover your ears and speak normally. You hear your voice perfectly clear because it travels mainly through the bones of the skull. Speak louder, and you can feel your whole body vibrate.

During the Tomatis® listening sessions, music and voice are transmitted through special headphones equipped with air and bone conduction. The sound reaches the auditory canal via the eardrum and directly to the cochlea through vibrations from the top of the skull.

Dr Tomatis discovered a natural way to improve listening (auditory processing) by transmitting the sound via bone conduction followed by air conduction a fraction of a second later. This dual transmission of the sound at two different times educates the brain to correctly analyse the message and to pay attention.

The first bone conduction technology was implemented on Tomatis® headphones more than 40 years ago. Today, bone conduction technology is used in the medical industry (cochlear implants), military (ground intervention transmission helmets) and leisure (gaming, Google Glass).

The Tomatis® Method is the only auditory training programme with bone and air technology in combination with Electronic Gating® (dynamic filters and time delays) — the reasons why the Tomatis® Method gives profound and lasting results.

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