Honestly, who really wants Learning Support?

No child wants to be singled out and treated differently from their classmates. They want to blend in.

With a Tomatis® home programme nobody has to know. But after a few weeks we think the school or other parents will ask you “What have you done? He has matured so much these past weeks” or your daughter’s teacher notices her reading levels have jumped.

Tomatis® is the opposite to “learning support”. Tomatis® is all about removing obstacles in your way so you can listen, learn, and function socially.


According to Dr Tomatis, there is one fundamental skill we all need to be successful. It’s the skill to listen.

Without listening, learning is slow or even impossible.

With good listening skills – as defined by the Tomatis® Method – everything else follows: the ability to sit still, to focus and pay attention, to relate to others, to work independently, to ask questions when you don’t understand, to make yourself heard, to stand up for what is right.

Listen and learn – it’s that simple.