About Tomatis® New Zealand


My name is Maria Moell Lundqvist, and I am the founder and managing director of Tomatis® New Zealand and a Tomatis® International Trainer.

In 1998, I left corporate life to introduce the Tomatis® Method in Sweden, Scandinavia, because it had helped my own family overcome learning challenges. Tomatis® also helped me bounce back from burnout. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

For 25+ years now, I have been teaching, talking about, working with, using, and spreading the word about Tomatis®.

Moving to New Zealand

In 2012, I emigrated to Auckland from Stockholm with my family after finding there were no Tomatis® in New Zealand. I was also tired of long and dark winters and shovelling snow.

I found a friendly and beautiful country with many children whose learning, speech, and language development suffered because of poor auditory skills – or as Dr Tomatis called it – poor listening.

Now I work with what I enjoy most:

  • Teaching and mentoring new Tomatis® Practitioners
  • Teaching schools and preschools to implement Tomatis® for Education
  • Helping my private clients re-imagine their lives with Tomatis®

The bigger picture

My colleagues of independent Tomatis® Practitioners and I work closely together. We help individuals and families every day, but we also cooperate to make a more significant impact.

The professionals I seek out share these goals:

  1. Introduce Tomatis® for Education in 500 New Zealand schools and preschools by 2024
  2. Introduce Tomatis® for Education in Youth Justice Residences for concentration, learning, and self-management (pilot 2020) and Correction Facilities (2021)
  3. Increase awareness of ear health for learning and development (ongoing).

There is no reason this wouldn’t happen. A Tomatis® for Education system is a one-time investment, cheap*, easy, fun, relaxing, and profoundly effective. It saves educators time, effort, and resources, creates a harmonious learning environment, and provides focused, attentive, and keen learners.

* Yes, it is. Contact me directly to find out more.

Sounds interesting?

I believe Tomatis® has an enormous potential in education and mental well-being for the people of New Zealand.

If your child has a problem with learning or development, contact us. If you want to be part of our growing team, contact us. If you want to learn how improved listening can transform your own life, contact us.

I look forward to listening to your plans.