Tomatis® Technology

Dr Tomatis was an ear-nose-throat doctor who searched for a way to help his patients with voice or hearing problems. He found that voice and hearing – or listening as he called it – are connected.

The Tomatis® Effect

In 1957 and 1959, Dr Tomatis presented his research for the French Academy of Sciences and the French Academy of Medicine respectively. They confirmed his findings called the Tomatis® Effect.

The Tomatis® Effect states that:

The voice only contains the frequencies the ear can listen to

When listening is changed, the voice changes - immediately and unconsciously

It is possible to permanently change the voice - and therefore listening - with the Tomatis® Method when used long enough.

The Tomatis® Electronic Ear

The Tomatis® Electronic Ear is the auditory re-training device Dr Tomatis invented to transform his patients’ ability to listen. It received the Gold Medal for Scientific Research at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958. It was a huge, chunky thing attached to magnetic tape reels.

Today, all Tomatis® Practitioners in New Zealand use a pocket-size Electronic Ear — the TalksUp®.  It uses the same principles, filters, and time delays Dr Tomatis invented, but with a sound quality, range, and precision he could only dream of. Your individualised programme is downloaded into the TalksUp®. All family members can have their own programme.

Dr Tomatis refused to compromise with quality. With the TalksUp® you can finally access the full Tomatis® Method at home.

Tomatis® Bone Conduction Kit

The Tomatis® Bone Conduction Kit replaces Tomatis® headphones and is used for:

  • Babies whose fontanelles haven’t closed yet
  • Sound sensitive people, hypotonic (very low muscle tone), or those with severe sensory integration problems
  • Children who simply refuse to wear something on their head
  • Adults with repeated concussions, whiplash, and headaches who can’t tolerate headphones.

The Tomatis® sound is delivered through bone conduction in a belt around the waist. You can also use a glove to gently stimulate other parts of the body.

The Gating®, filters, and music used are the same as for the full Tomatis® Method. 

The Tomatis® Bone Conduction Kit is based on clinically proven technology. It is non-invasive and safe.

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