Without good sleep you can’t function

Research shows that a Tomatis® Programme is highly likely to improve your sleep and reduce stress and burnout symptoms—such as brain fog.

When you feel rested in the morning, you are less irritated, and get more things done. Quality sleep is the antidote to anxiety, aggression, and poor performance.

Tomatis® helps remove the automatic fight-flight-freeze reaction (when there is no real danger). The solution is not “learning to cope” or “avoiding stressors”.  The solution is to re-educate the brain.

A Tomatis® Programme is unlike any other course on the planet

Tomatis® improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety for children and adults alike.

It’s super easy and you can do it at home with the Tomatis® equipment. And – guess what – you can do it in your sleep 🙂

As a side effect, Tomatis® improves your ability to think clearly, enjoy life, and stand up for yourself. All of which are useful skills.