The Mother's Voice

From about the 18th week of pregnancy, the auditory system – both sound perception and balance – are fully functional. The fetus is able to hear and has a sense of orientation. The sounds from the outside are muffled. The sounds from inside the body are quite loud and mostly low frequency — the mother’s rumbling tummy and her heartbeat for example.

Pregnancy and Tomatis

One of Dr Tomatis’ major discoveries was that the fetus hears the mother’s voice and “learns” their native language before birth. The voice of the mother is transmitted through bone conduction vibrations in the spine and pelvis. The mother’s voice, according to Dr Tomatis, is one of the main sources of brain stimulation before birth. If this stimulation has been compromised and in very specific situations, an experienced Level 4 Tomatis® Consultant may record and upload the mother’s voice into the Tomatis TalksUp® and adapt filters and the Electronic Gating® to help the child reconnect.

The mother’s voice processed with the TalksUp® equipment (read more here) can be a powerful medium to help with emotional and developmental issues.

If the mother is unavailable, your experienced Tomatis® Consultant will use Mozart’s music instead to create a similar effect.

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