Client story – How Tomatis® changed her life

Some time ago, I met with one of my clients for a follow up consultation. She had completed her Tomatis® Personal Development programme 6 months previously, and returned to discuss the changes at the follow-up evaluation with me.

I asked how she was doing and she started to share her insights and observations. She described her experiences and what has changed in her life, and what that has meant for her – for her health, work, and overall well-being.

I was madly scribbling down notes as fast as I could to keep pace with her enthusiasm.

Important changes

During her Tomatis® Personal Development programme, she had started to make several important changes in her life: she had quit a job she didn’t like, started and still follows a challenging fitness program, and deepened her relationship with her partner, which continues to give her immense joy.

These were all things that were visible on the “outside”. However, her insights about what Tomatis® had done for her “inside” – the changes in her thought patterns, emotions, and general attitude to life – were the reason I decided to write this article.

She told me about a friend, a principal at a school, and how she always envied his ability to stay calm and focussed and happy – despite all the problems he had to deal with daily – not letting it affect his personal life.

“I envied his ability to compartmentalize,” she explained, “and now I can do that too! It’s like a choice I’m able to make. I can choose my involvement in things and not let any of them affect me negatively.”

Having fun

I listened to her voice. It was clear and calm, flowing gently, melodious. Six months ago, her voice was forced and high-pitched, almost whining. The difference was remarkable. 

She continued: “I’ve realized I must be having fun, or I won’t do things. Before I just didn’t do it. Now I also know I’m the person who creates my fun.”

The perfect gift

After 25+ years with the Tomatis® Method, I’m still amazed and grateful to facilitate the individual journeys of my clients towards greater personal fulfillment and joy. Everyone’s journey is similar, yet the changes individual.

Is there any better gift I can give to a fellow human being?

The ability to choose one’s reactions, emotions, what to do with one’s life. To be responsible, decisive, and accountable. To live as fully as possible.

This is the greatest beauty of the Tomatis® Method.

Maria Moell Lundqvist, Tomatis® International Trainer

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