The Tomatis® Method provides auditory training using music and voice

• Improves social, motor, emotional, and learning skills
• Licensed professionals and technology
• Home schooling options
• Lasting results — no "top ups" required

Tomatis® Speeds Up Learning

A Tomatis® programme re-educates the auditory system in the most natural and gentle way possible using beautiful music. We help business people and toddlers, school children and the elderly.
Tomatis® helps you learn new skills faster at any age.

Which Area is Your Priority?

Tomatis® for Listening &
Auditory Processing

Tomatis® for Stress, Sleep & Clarity of Thinking

Tomatis® for Learning Support with Lasting Results

Tomatis® for Learning Speed & Capacity

Tomatis® for Leadership Development

Tomatis® for Personal Development & Growth

Tomatis® for Voice & Speech Quality

Tomatis® for Musicality & Singing Perfection

Tomatis® for Learning Foreign Languages with Ease

Ready for Change?

The Tomatis® Method is like no other intervention. It’s a crash course in skills development – whether you have a struggling child or want to improve your own capacity.

Tomatis® in Schools

The Tomatis® Method is used in more than 300 schools worldwide to improve learning outcomes from early childhood to university.

In New Zealand, principals are already reaping the benefits for both children and educators. When children can listen and learn, the teachers can teach. Tomatis® changes the school environment into a more productive and harmonious one.

Practitioners in New Zealand

The number of licensed Tomatis® Practitioners is growing rapidly worldwide as professionals witness how powerful, easy, and joyful the Tomatis® Method is.

Maria Moell Lundqvist

Tomatis® International Trainer
Tomatis® Senior Consultant
Auckland (Parnell)

Jan Ward-Allen

Tomatis® Consultant Level 4

Karen Lund

Tomatis® Consultant Level 4

Pam Mitchell

Tomatis® Consultant Level 4
Te Anau

Sjaan van Falier

Tomatis® Consultant Level 4

Yolinda Bullians

Tomatis® Consultant Level 4

Carine Bakker

Tomatis® Consultant Level 3

Esmé Strydom

Tomatis® Consultant Level 3

Julianne Swanepoel

Tomatis® Consultant Level 3
New Plymouth

Ingrid Wubben

Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2

Kathy Malcolm

Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2

Robyn Hewetson

Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2