Auditory Laterality

We have two hands, two eyes and two feet. You can be right or left-dominant for each.

The same is true of your ears. One is dominant, which means it’s processing the information faster than the other. That might be because the connections of the right and left auditory pathways in the brain are different.

Neurologically, the left ear is connected to the right brain area, while the right ear is connected to the left brain area. The right and left brain don’t use auditory information in the same way.

Studies have shown that each part of the auditory cortex is responsible for specific functions. The left auditory cortex (right ear) is linked to language comprehension and logical reasoning, which is essential for academic success. The right auditory cortex (left ear) is dedicated to emotional perception and musicality.

According to Dr Tomatis, children are left-ear dominant at birth and should naturally switch to right-ear dominance at 6-7 years of age. This doesn’t always happen, which may cause lifelong learning problems and emotional regulation. Chronic stress and anxiety also affect auditory laterality. If you are left-ear dominant or right-ear dominant makes a huge difference in everyday life!

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