Speech and pronunciation is in the ear

It’s difficult to learn how to pronounce a word when you can’t hear the sounds clearly. Dictations are almost impossible to get right. All communication suffers.

Often this is not a hearing problem. It can just as well be a listening problem causing speech and language delays. It can even make a child non-verbal.

Dr Tomatis demonstrated that his method immediately improved speech and voice quality to the French Academy of Medicine in 1959.

The Academy members could hear the instant change. To get lasting improvements, however, you need to do a full Tomatis® programme.

Why leaders need a good voice

Do people listen to you?

When a voice is strained it’s unpleasant to listen to.

If you are nervous, it shows in your voice.

A pleasant voice is trustworthy and we unconsciously listen to a person with a good voice. In fact, the quality of your voice can make or break your career.

A Tomatis® programme will always improve your voice. We can’t help it.

As a nice side effect, our clients often notice their stage fright going away and that they procrastinate less.