To be anxious is common – today more than ever

We are told the only thing we can control is our own reactions, but what if we can’t?

Children lack the experience to deal with their anxious thoughts. They might even withdraw from you, their parent, to protect you from worry.

Often their anxiety is so close to the surface it makes them clingy, withdrawn, or lashing out for no reason. Overreacting and with unwanted thoughts racing in their mind. Another sign is good behaviour at school but impossible at home. The symptoms are similar for adults.

Tomatis® interrupts the anxiety loop. Things become manageable, and you or your child will be able to handle change and uncertainty better. The world will not change anytime soon, but everyone can improve their resilience.

A Tomatis® Programme is easy to undertake for everyone

Tomatis® stimulates the brain and auditory system with sound, naturally and non-intrusively.

Use the Tomatis® equipment at home when it suits your schedule. Meet with your Tomatis® Practitioner for adjustments and checkups. You will likely feel more relaxed and less anxious during the first intensive block of listening.

Important: Always consult with your healthcare provider if your anxiety is severe. Tomatis® is an educational method and not a medical intervention.