What is Tomatis®

Stimulate the brain with sound

The Tomatis® Method was invented by Dr Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001). He was a French ear-nose-throat doctor, inventor, and researcher who in the early 1950s created a new educational method based on sound.

The Tomatis® Method uses the natural auditory pathways and the same mechanisms as mother nature to stimulate different centers in the brain.

By applying rapidly alternating filters on music by Mozart, Gregorian Chant, and the human voice, Dr Tomatis demonstrated lasting changes in a person’s listening skills.

The results astounded him so much that he spent the rest of his life researching and further developing the Tomatis® Method.

Dr Tomatis pioneered the field of neuroscience and brain plasticity with his work on auditory retraining. Today we know that listening and emotional management are related, that the ear is an energy source for the brain, and that the ear has an effect on motor skills and body posture. Extensive scientific research shows that the Tomatis® Method is an effective way to help optimize the relationship between the ear and the brain.

Available worldwide

Today Tomatis® is available in 75 countries and across all continents. More than 3,000 practitioners work with 200,000+ clients every year.

The number of Tomatis® Practitioners in New Zealand is growing rapidly because of the availability of professional education and support, and most of all because of happy clients.

The Tomatis® Method is:

Natural, gentle, non-invasive

Provided by trained and licensed professionals

Suitable for any age - from babies to the elderly

Individually customised for different learning goals

Provided in your home or in a Tomatis® centre

Supported by a wealth of research

Giving lasting results

Easy, relaxing, and joyful.

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