Learning a new language faster with Tomatis

Learning your mother tongue is a complex process that starts with the fetus listening to the mother’s voice in the womb. 

Using the Tomatis® Method, we can replicate this process, which helps you to learn any number of new languages faster and with considerably less accent.

The Tomatis® Method replicates the natural language learning process helping you to quickly learn a new language (Te Reo Māori, English, or Chinese for example).

Different overtones

All languages have different sets of overtones that cover different frequency spans. 

British English has an extensive span from 2,000 to 12,000 Hz with its many high-pitch explosive consonants.

In comparison, American English and Te Reo Māori contain more lower frequencies.

Tuning the language ear

Our ears and brains are trained to record and register the language sounds around us, starting in the womb.

However, when we want to learn a new language – that invariably has a different frequency span – we need to tune our ears and train our brains differently.

It is almost always difficult to register frequencies outside the well-known span of what we are used to hearing. It has nothing to do with physical capabilities, only what we are accustomed to. Also, when we can’t hear the sounds with precision, it’s difficult to remember and learn new words.

With the Tomatis® Method, you can train your ears to open up to frequencies and new sound combinations that you previously couldn’t distinguish. 

Once you have improved your capabilities to register and perceive a broader range of sounds, learning a new language becomes much easier.

With repeated training, you can become expertly tuned to the frequencies of a new language. 

Dr Alfred Tomatis first law

Why does it work? It works because you can only reproduce a sound that you can listen to, according to Dr Alfred Tomatis’s first law:

The voice only contains the frequencies the ear can listen to

Once you are able to listen to all the sounds and nuances of a new language, you can learn how to speak it correctly. You will also find it easier to memorise words and sentences. Both capabilities help you enormously to encompass the new language faster.

How to get started

Have a look at the Forbrain® headset. It’s the perfect tool to use in class, with a private tutor, and at home with an online language course. 

You can also do a Tomatis® listening programme that is tailored to your specific needs.

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