Auditory Processing is much more than hearing

Listening/Auditory Processing is about being able to receive, focus on, and use what you hear. 

The ability to listen is a complex skill where many things can go wrong. Sound waves make the eardrum vibrate. Tiny bones in the middle ear transmit the movement to a liquid in the inner ear. Waves in the liquid trigger hair cells in the cochlea and vestibular system to send nerve signals to the brain.

Then the true miracle begins: the brain sends the information far and deep, interprets and takes action. The question is how well your brain is handling the information. This is what Dr Tomatis called listening long before the term auditory processing was invented.

When your listening – or auditory processing – is not working as it should, some information is delayed, ends up in the wrong place, or is lost in translation.

Improved listening improves just about everything

Dr Tomatis discovered that listening is linked to academic success, athletic performance, emotional stamina, and social competence.

He also showed that it’s possible to improve listening using the method he invented.

This means that when your ability to listen improves, you function better in all aspects of life and learning. In a nutshell, this is precisely what makes the Tomatis® Method so cool.