Music and singing is magic

Is playing an instrument or singing with your friends an old dream?

Or is it something you want to give to your children?

Sadly, studying music is hard work and it takes numerous hours of practice to learn to play an instrument well.

And when the musical ear or the singing ear just isn’t there, it’s a struggle. Most children give up.

Why not allow Tomatis® to accelerate your music appreciation and learning? It’s a gift for life regardless of age.

The sky is the limit

Even the best among musicians and singers benefit from a Tomatis® programme.

The more successful you are the more impact it may have on your music career. If you are an upcoming star, you can fast track your success with Tomatis®.

What about increased fine motor coordination, speed, stress tolerance, and pitch perfection?

When both your ears and your two hemispheres are “musically calibrated” by a Tomatis® Programme you may discover skills you didn’t know you were missing!