Fees vary between Tomatis® private practitioners depending on their skill level, experience, location, and other services provided

Other services could be learning support, speech and language, occupational therapy, remedial tuition, foreign language learning, or career coaching.

The price for a Tomatis® programme is similar to that of other private interventions.

A typical Tomatis® Programme consists of 3 intensive blocks of listening with several months’ long breaks in-between. The duration of a programme could be anything from 4 to 12 months. Sometimes additional blocks are recommended to meet goals.

For an exact quote, contact a private Tomatis® Practitioner in your area to book a Tomatis® Initial Assessment. We will look at your goals together and determine if we can deliver what you want to achieve, how long it would take, and the cost.

When a school provides a Tomatis® for Education programme, it is usually offered free of charge.