Pam Mitchell

Te Anau

Tomatis ® Consultant Level 4

Pam is a qualified early childhood teacher and has over 35 years of experience in many areas of preschool education, including special needs. She is very interested in the brain’s neuroplasticity.

Why I work with Tomatis®

I have seen the benefits of the non-invasive and drug-free programme that Tomatis® is and how it can affect so much change not just for the client but for the whole family.

While I was searching for a way to help a young boy I was working with who was getting lots of help through special services, I discovered the Tomatis® Method.

I first trained as a Level 1 Practitioner, and after seeing the benefits of Tomatis® first-hand, I continued my training and became a Level 4 consultant in November 2020.


I have worked with a wide range of people, from a 3-year-old who has anxiety and had very bad sleep routines to a man who suffered a stroke and had difficulty speaking.

Below are some extracts from references that explain why I do Tomatis®.

One of my earliest clients was a young boy who at the age of 5 had a lot of markers for ASD. After starting the Tomatis® programme, he is calmer and has much longer periods of focus. His speech therapist was astounded by the huge advancement in his oral language. He is now achieving national standards and is developing his social skills.

Here is another extract from a reference for a 7-year-old boy.

Hi. I have to tell you that I’m blown away at the change in L. Teachers at school also were blown away too. He’s totally chilled, happy, staying in the classroom. Starting to learn at school. I have been playing board games with him when he’s at our place. He can loose frequently and accept that without a meltdown. He’s got a wider friend base at school now and is going on playdates more often. He’s a lot more affectionate to everyone, meltdowns last 2 minutes and he comes back with a changed attitude. His highs are less manic, now just about where over excitement starts. He’s listening really well, is staying dry at night, is not obsessive and negative as he was when on medication. Sooo amazing, amazing, amazing.!!!!!

Thankyou for helping him, it is like a miracle.

13-year old Girl

S’ self-harming has stopped!! She holds herself better with shoulders back and head up not slouched over hunched, she is reading challenging books she would never read a whole book before, her grades are improving at school and her attention span has increased. S had always found taking instructions really difficult. We could only ask her to do one thing at a time and sometimes she would walk away to do it only to return a few seconds later wondering what it was that she needed to do. If we asked her to do more than one thing for example brush your teeth and once you’ve done that brush your hair, she would be totally overwhelmed and confused and often burst into tears. I have not had an instance of her refusing to get out of the car to go to school since she has started the Tomatis® Method and she is happy and has her confidence back.

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