Yolinda Bullians


Tomatis® Consultant Level 4

My extensive experience with learning inabilities started 30 years ago when my son was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and ADHD at the age of 6. Initially I used a cognitive reading development programme to help him, and later became a Master Trainer for the Centre of Dyslexia, offering certified training programmes, training parents and teachers to deliver programmes in schools.

I practise at the KingsFisher Institute, New Zealand, where our focus is on improving brain health and general wellbeing, for the client and their family as a whole.

By embracing the brain’s neuroplasticity, we utilise unique visual and auditory neuro-cognitive development programmes that enable the re-wiring of neural pathways to enhance and restore brain function. Functional improvements are evident in improved memory and cognitive functions, increased reading efficiency, and improved IQ – all verified through scientific monitoring and research. I work holistically, involving parents and incorporate primitive reflex training and sensory-motor exercises to complement our neurodevelopmental treatment programmes, as and when needed.

I have 40 years of experience as a clinical pharmacist and mineral therapist, which enables me to advise on medications, natural remedies and detox treatments to further optimise health and functional well-being.

Why I work with Tomatis®

I was first exposed to the Tomatis® Method in 1980 as a pharmacy student at the University of Potchefstroom, South Africa. Whilst studying French as an additional subject to my pharmacy curriculum, my attendance was required at the language laboratory with sessions on the ‘Electronic Ear’ (now known as the Tomatis® Method), where I was fortunate to meet Dr. Tomatis.

My passion is To Release the Champion Within. Over the years I have researched the best programmes in the world and use these in combination to maximise the benefit to those who come to us for help. The Tomatis® Method is one such programme and I am delighted to be able to offer the Tomatis® Method at the KingsFisher Institute through individual clinics and personalised home-based programmes. These enhance and increase learning potential, academic ability and performance in all age groups.


We have no greater joy than to see children blossom when they were previously unable to read and function in a classroom setting. Academic achievement is one aspect of the whole of a person, but emotional regulation and the ability to grow and develop into a fully functioning adult that positively contributes to society, is equally important.

Adults are living more active lifestyles and desire to maintain or improve their cognitive functions, balance and co-ordination to allow them to continue with meaningful lives and contribute to society. The threats of dementia, stroke and Alzheimer’s are very real. Recovery from Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury is notoriously slow, but through using the Tomatis® Method, we are seeing and experiencing breakthroughs in many of our clients. Some have even had improvements in their hearing ability, as confirmed by an audiologist.

  • ADHD & Severe Dyslexia
    Three months after starting the cognitive development programme, I took my son off medication prescribed for his ADHD and proceeded to home-school him. Together, we completed a 7-year curriculum in 3 academic years, and he was re-introduced to senior school. He then went on to successfully complete his carpentry qualifications with distinctions.
  • Dyslexia
    I recently completed a Tomatis® Method treatment protocol with an 8-yr old boy who struggled with dyslexia, poor self-esteem and struggling at school. After five months of using the Tomatis® Method, his reading efficiency improved by 5 grade-years and his functional cognitive abilities (e.g. memory and concentration), improved by 45%.
  • Balance and Co-ordination
    Statistically, the elderly have a high falls-risk, and when we met JH, 86yrs old, he had suffered two mini-strokes and four falls. As a result, he was using a walking stick and he had very little confidence in himself when standing up and walking about. He started with the Tomatis® Method and five month later, JH realised one day that he was carrying his walking stick but not using it! His Berg Falls Risk-Assessment indicated a major improvement with a falls risk of zero. In addition, is reading efficiency improved by 1.5 grade-years and his cognitive function by 25%.

Get in touch

I would be delighted to hear from you, and it is a privilege for me to share the Tomatis® Method. Whether for yourself, another adult or a child, if you think what we offer could be of benefit to you, please feel free to contact me.