Sjaan van Falier


Tomatis® Consultant Level 4

Sjaan van Falier has established the Tomatis® Method in the Wellington area. She is a trained primary school teacher with a Bachelor of Education and has more than 25 years of experience in this field. She has a keen interest in human development and learning – Montessori- and Steiner Philosophy, Special Education, Reflex Integration, Developmental Learning, etc. She is determined to making a difference in overcoming barriers to learning and regulation of behaviour and the Tomatis® Method plays a crucial role in achieving her goals. She believes that overall health and well-being is as important to learning as educational methods and technological resources.

Why I work with Tomatis®

I incorporated the Tomatis® Method into my practice to raise children’s reading and spelling levels. Reading and spelling are closely related to auditory memory so it made sense to work on a neuro-auditory level. Staying close to the real Tomatis® auditory programme was important to me and as soon as the Tomatis® Method was available in New Zealand I trained with Maria. I have no regrets. The Tomatis® Method has a broad influence on the human being at a physical, mental and psychological level; it works subtle, building foundations. It has given the clients and me so much more than reading and spelling improvements.


I am always amazed at how the Tomatis® Method works differently for every individual; depending on their needs. I have observed clients improve posture; quality of voice and speech; handwriting; become less anxious, shy, and rigorous; more playful, outgoing and inquisitive; regain their sense of worth and happiness and so much more. I am impressed with the Tomatis® Method when used during pregnancy; their babies and toddlers are pleasant, social, outgoing, independent, communicative and resilient. Through applying the Tomatis® Method with children I have shown that the Tomatis® Method improves auditory memory, a key element in reading, writing, spelling as well as maths and seen substantial improvements in these subjects. I am excited about the results and view the Tomatis® Method as the key programme that builds foundations which other interventions can build upon.

I work in Upper Hutt and the Moera Community Cottage. I feel privileged that the Moera community House Inc has a holistic approach to building community foundations that encourages well-being and financial security with a long-term effect and has chosen to support the Tomatis® Method as one way to achieve their goals.

I would like to support you and your child in physical, social, emotional well-being and/or academic performance, and if you are pregnant and feel stressed, take action now; early intervention is crucial and can make a real difference.

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Take action now: early intervention is crucial and can make a real difference.

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