Robyn Hewetson


Tomatis® Practitioner Level 2

My name is Robyn Hewetson. I have a degree in Education from New Zealand, a two-year full-time diploma in Waldorf Education from Emerson College in UK and a four-year Diploma in the Art of Speech Formation from the London School of Speech Formation. I have had over 40 years experience teaching at Primary Level, then Secondary and now teaching teachers. I have a private practice as a Voice Coach and a Therapeutic Speech Teacher as well as working on Teachers Training Programs here and abroad.

Why I work with Tomatis®

After 40 years working on the huge importance of working with the healing sound of your own voice I came across Tomatis and recognised immediately the huge work that can be done with listening. I am currently completing my Level 2 training.


I am deeply impressed with the work of Dr Alfred Tomatis and his invention of healing sound therapy. I have been working for the past nearly two years adding this therapy to my practice with excellent results.

Get in touch

I offer all new clients a free consultation and welcome enquiries. I serve the Hastings and Havelock North area mainly but can also serve those from a wider range of the Hawkes Bay.

If you would like to find out more about Speech Formation and Tomatis®, do give me a call or email me at the contacts below.