Meika Neels


Tomatis ® Practitioner Level 1

I am the mother of two fantastic teenage boys and have been involved in the education sector since graduating with a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching (Primary) in 1997.  I have worked with many students and have also had some experience working with children with special needs.

For the last 10 years, I have been working in a school with a 1-1 support programme known as The Extra Lesson™. This therapy is designed to develop neurology through movement, helping children with both learning and/or behaviour. The areas of difficulty that are identified in an assessment and then worked through are; retained primitive reflexes, body and spatial awareness, the vestibular system, sensory integration, coordination, memory, high anxiety, and the visual and auditory systems. The programme involves students doing daily movement exercises and takes approx. a year to complete.  I have seen some amazing results working with students using The Extra Lesson™.  Through working in this field I developed an interest in neuroplasticity – and became aware of the Tomatis® Method and its outstanding results.

I am very excited to now work with the Tomatis® Method with its known ability to develop neurology using sound. The ear is the most powerful organ in the body – processing more than 80% of the sensory information received by the brain. The ear is an auditory-motor system, which when working well means we listen well.  It involves the cochlea (auditory system), and the vestibule (motor system).  The vestibular system is key for our balance, posture, rhythm, attention, energy and emotional state in terms of feeling ‘balanced’ within ourselves. The Tomatis Programme offers a powerful way to stimulate and develop these systems in a time-efficient way.

I choose to work with the Tomatis® Method in a clinic setting. This allows me to incorporate some movement-based activities where appropriate to target specific areas of development.  Listening sessions can also be a great time to relax, with a range of quiet individual activities available.

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