Margaret Underwood

New Plymouth

Tomatis ® Practitioner Level 1

Margaret Underwood is a Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies, a Post Graduate Diploma of Accounting and a Post Graduate Diploma Teaching (Secondary).

She first came across Dr Tomatis’ work in 1992 and is very excited to work with children and adults, in the classroom and the wider community, to help them access more of their potential. Margaret lives in New Plymouth but loves to travel.


Why I work with Tomatis®

I first learned about Tomatis® work in 1992 when I read his book “The Conscious Ear” while studying with human potential leader Jean Houston. From my studies with Jean and others, I learnt how important the ear is for our development and growth as human beings. Dr. Tomatis seemed to have taken this to an even higher level of understanding.

The idea that through his work we could positively impact people’s lives so powerfully was the reason why, when I discovered Maria was training practitioners in NZ, I signed up as soon as I was able to.

I have found that the Tomatis® work compliments all the other modalities I use with children and adults perfectly.



The results I have seen have been inspiring. My 95-year-old mother seemed to wake up and re-engage with life after her first listening block. Everyone noticed the change.

An elderly friend of hers is far happier after 3 listening blocks than she was for months before starting the programme.

A young immigrant family I worked with, Mum, Dad and a five-year-old, for whom English was a totally new language, have moved through the trauma of integrating into a new country easily. They are all sleeping better, feeling happy in their work and studies and getting on with their new life with ease.

Children with issues around focus, attention, processing information and emotional stability have shown excellent progress after listening blocks. Those who have completed the process are doing really well at school, they are more stable emotionally, noticing more around them, engaging with their family and school friends in more positive ways and making excellent progress in their learning, reading and writing.

I love working with families, Mum, Dad, even grandparents and children. This way everyone grows together and family dynamics grow in really positive ways as well. I’ve seen healing in parent relationships in addition to all the improvements the child/children make.


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