Karen Lund

Auckland (Murrays Bay)

Tomatis® Consultant Level 4

After initially qualifying as a primary school teacher in Zimbabwe, I then completed a year-long, full-time, post-graduate diploma at the University of Cape Town, for teaching children experiencing challenges with speech and hearing, and subsequently taught in that field for several years.

Immigrating to New Zealand in 2005 has resulted in many exciting opportunities for continuing my study of topics related to neuroplasticity, learning and development.  I have been teaching in the Early Childhood sector since 2010 and am often called upon to support children who have special needs.

As well as teaching at Primary School Level and Pre-school Level, my qualifications and experience include:

  • Tomatis® Level 4 Consultant
  • Working with children on the autism spectrum, as well as children struggling with attention issues, anxiety and emotional self-regulation issues, speech and language challenges, and balance and coordination difficulties.
  • Davis Dyslexia Gift of DyslexiaWorkshop
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming
  • Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) Coach
I continue my work as a private tutor and Level 4 Tomatis® Consultant in my business, Listen and Learn NZ. https://www.listenandlearn.co.nz

Why I work with the Tomatis ® Method

The Tomatis® Method is a non-invasive, drug-free, pedagogical method, which is invaluable in gently re-training and re-activating neural networks which support the development of efficient auditory processing and listening skills, the vital foundation for all aspects of learning.  It is possible to hear perfectly yet have very weak listening skills.  Tomatis® can help.

When listening skills are fast and efficient, the individual starts to feel much safer, anxiety levels decrease, and it becomes much easier to cope with the constant barrage of multi-sensory information from the environment.  The capacity for emotional self-regulation strengthens.

Neuroplasticity is the subject of a fascinating book by Norman Doidge, MD., The Brain That Changes Itself (2007,2010).  In his subsequent book The Brain’s Way of Healing (2015, 2017), Doidge, devotes an entire 70-page long chapter, (Chapter 8, A Bridge of Sound) to describing the Tomatis® Method, and the profoundly positive effects this remarkable Method has had on the lives of individuals, whose diverse case histories Doidge outlines.

After reading Doidge’s two books, as well as The Conscious Ear (1991), written by Doctor Alfred A. Tomatis, I knew I had to learn more about the Tomatis® Method, and I decided to train as a Tomatis® Practitioner.  I am now a Level 4 qualified Tomatis® Consultant, and truly appreciate being able to work with the enormous range of tools which the Tomatis® Method provides at this level of training.

The Tomatis® Method is suitable for children and adults of all ages.  It is a complimentary technique, providing additional support to the work of the therapist, coach or teacher, serving to enhance the effect of their work.  The Tomatis® Method works with the body’s natural, inherent neuroplastic capabilities, gently supporting the natural development of effective listening skills in individuals who, for a variety of reasons, have experienced challenges in this area, which in turn, affect learning, development, and behavior.

The Tomatis® Listening Test, TLTS, is used to provide information about a client’s progress in various areas.  This information guides the practitioner in carefully planning programmes to support the achievement of goals desired by each client.

My confidence in the Tomatis® Method allows me to offer a full money-back guarantee for a client who does not experience any improvement after completing the first Tomatis® Listening Intensive, and consequently wants to withdraw from the programme, if the client notifies me of their intention to withdraw from the programme within 30 days from the starting date.

I work on the North Shore, Auckland, with babies and toddlers, and all other age groups through to senior citizens.

I look forward to supporting positive learning experiences and outcomes for all.

Results for myself

As a Tomatis® Consultant, I wanted to use the Tomatis® Method on myself, in order to deepen my understanding of the effects this method can have.  After completing my 1 st Listening Intensive, a member of my family told me that she had not heard my voice sounding so vibrant in many years!

Having completed the 2 nd Listening Intensive, I found myself sleeping much more soundly and waking in the morning feeling relaxed, well rested and energized for the day ahead.

During my 3 rd Listening Intensive my posture definitely improved and with that came a noticeable reduction in pain in the mid-shoulder and lower back regions.

These positive effects have persisted.

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