Jessey Song


Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1

Jessey is fluent in English and Mandarin and the only Chinese-speaking  Tomatis® Practitioner in New Zealand.

Jessey has more than 8 years of experience in language teaching (IELTS). Prior to moving to New Zealand, she also served as legal counsel in the UK and China. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws in the United Kingdom and a Graduate Diploma in Business in New Zealand.

Why I work with Tomatis®

I know very well that music is an effective tool for language learning. I have been playing the piano since I was six and believe this helped transform me from an extremely shy and introverted young girl, to a confident and outgoing professional. Music has helped me achieve my goals.

When I encountered Tomatis®, I was astonished by how powerful and effective the Tomatis® method is, by stimulating the brain and the auditory zoom through listening to filtered music. Such stimulation can lead to amazing improvements in children’s mental capacities.

When it comes to language learning, the Tomatis® method “unblocks” the higher frequencies people often have difficulty perceiving which improves their pronunciation and energises their voice. I believe that having an energetic, clear, engaging and confident voice will help children to thrive.

Dr. Tomatis once said that “the ear is a battery to the brain”. Let us charge the battery!

我非常了解音樂是一種有效的語言學習工具。 我從六歲起就一直在彈鋼琴,相信這有助於將我從一個非常害羞和內向的年輕女孩轉變為一個自信而外向的職業。 音樂幫助我實現了目標。

當我遇到Tomatis®時,Tomatis®方法多麼強大和有效,通過刺激大腦和聽過濾音樂來聽覺放大,令我感到驚訝。 這種刺激可以導致孩子的心理能力得到驚人的改善。

在語言學習方面,Tomatis®方法可以“消除”人們經常難以感知的高頻,從而提高了他們的發音並激發了他們的聲音。 我相信,充滿活力,清晰,參與和自信的聲音將幫助孩子成長。

Tomatis博士曾經說過“耳朵是大腦的電池”。 讓我們為電池充電!

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