Jan Ward-Allen


Tomatis ® Consultant Level 3

I’m a qualified primary school teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience. I am passionate about neuroscience and helping parents and students understand how their brain works and how it can be changed to make life easier. In 2014 I completed a Master in Education degree through Massey University. After completing this I still had many questions about how to actually help children with learning difficulties. I then trained as an Extra Lesson practitioner and more recently a Tomatis® practitioner.

I am currently teaching in a primary school and have some private students after school. I would really like to get out of the classroom and work with individual students as these programmes truly change lives.

Why I work with Tomatis®

I began training in Tomatis® when a parent whose child I was teaching came across the programme and thought it would help her son.

The connections between the brain and the ear described during our training make complete sense to me. Tomatis® balances children’s sensory systems which then allows them to use their senses together improving the interactions between the body and the brain.

So I do Tomatis® because it is totally drug-free and children enjoy it. It helps me build a relationship and connect with students so we can work together to improve their learning and life.


Personally, I sleep better and don’t seem to be rushing to do things all day. Clients have commented that their child is calmer.

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