Jan Ward-Allen

Hastings (Hawkes Bay)

Tomatis® Consultant Level 4; BEd;
PGDip Special education; MEd

After teaching for over 30 years and completing a Master in Education Jan still questioned why some children found learning really challenging. When she began teaching children with special education needs she also discovered Neuroscience and the many underlying skills needed for academic learning.

Jan’s fascination with Neuroscience grew and she began to investigate developmental approaches to learning that explained how the brain actually learns and therapies to permanently change how a child learns and experiences life. Jan has completed training in Extra Lesson therapy and continues to train in reflex integration and sensory integration programmes to make huge changes in a child’s body and brain connections.

Why I work with Tomatis®

I work with Tomatis® because after many years of working with students who have learning difficulties I wanted to offer families a different, developmentally appropriate and drug free approach that actually makes positive changes to improve learning and well-being.

After many years working with children I am now aslo enjoying working with adults who have anxiety, hearing loss and audio-processing difficulties. It’s really exciting to see the amazing changes that occur.

My services

Tomatis® listening programmes for children with:

  • Dyslexia and other learning difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Audio-processing difficulties
  • Language and communication difficulties
  • Motor skill problems

Tomatis® listening programmes for adults with:

  • Anxiety
  • Audio-processing difficulties
  • Stress


A few quotes from happy clients:

“Our daughter has improved her reading level by more than 3 years in only 9 months. We’re thrilled and so is she”. (Parents of 8 year-old with suspected Dyslexia).

“My husband is much more communicative and less stressed”. (relieved wife)

“I feel less foggy-headed and seem to manage better every day”. (60 year old mother)

“It really helped with my anxiety” (Adult with Dyslexia)

“My husband no longer has noise control on speed dial, and he can ignore the party down the road”. (Happy wife)

Get in touch

My business is called Active Listening and I look forward to hearing from you!