Esther Newberry


Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1

Why I work with Tomatis®


Tomatis® is for more than people with learning difficulties. It’s for people who are looking to improve their health holistically. Continually searching for new ways of improvement, Tomatis® drew my interest when I experienced the results first-hand. Following an accident, I encountered side effects, including concussion and difficulty concentrating. After doing Tomatis®, not only did these symptoms disappear but also little things I had struggled with for years. From there, I recognised the opportunity to help people by combining my expertise in learning and passion for helping children develop to their full potential.


Raised in an international community, I have extensive experience interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. I’m a certified teacher and have worked with children in multiple countries, including China, Cambodia and locally. My vision is to enhance performance, educational success and overall well-being. Living in Hamilton, New Zealand, for this season, I want to bring academic opportunities to people in third-world countries who otherwise have limited access to self-improvement and advancement. I recognise the benefits of Tomatis® and want to spread these advantages both locally and to the broader world.


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