Esmé Strydom

Auckland (North Shore)

Tomatis® Consultant Level 3

Esmé qualified as a secondary school teacher. She became interested in why many boys struggled with spelling. This was the beginning of the road to obtaining a postgraduate qualification in learning difficulties.

Esmé has worked as a Resource Teacher in Learning and Behaviour here in New Zealand since 1999. She decided to devote more time to her private practice (tutoring and Tomatis® work) and reduced her work in the education sector to two days per week.

She has known about the Tomatis® method since 1997, but training was unavailable in New Zealand then. In 2014 she qualified as a Level 1 Practitioner in the Tomatis® Method and later continued training. She is now a Level 3 Practitioner.

Why I work with Tomatis®

I believe in addressing the foundation skills to help children (and adults) overcome learning challenges. Underdeveloped listening skills impact on all areas of learning. Tomatis® fits perfectly in addressing the whole spectrum of skills for learning.


The Tomatis® Listening Test provides us with valuable information about progress in various areas, but comments from parents provide indisputable evidence:

J is talking a lot more and responds when I talk to him. He seems happier in himself. His teacher also commented on the changes.

C stopped bedwetting after the second programme.

As a practitioner, I did a programme and started sleeping much better.

Get in touch

I work on the North Shore in Auckland. You can email, send a message or phone me.