Conductive Education Taranaki

Conductive Education is a fusion of special education and physical intervention that empowers whanau and gives kids with motor disabilities the chance to reach their full potential.

Established in 2014 to bring this much-needed service to our region, we successfully launched from our leased space at Westown School in August 2017. Since opening and with little publicity, we have 20 children using our service. Our enrolled children have accessed over 350 regular, intensive Early Intervention (age 0-6) and school-age (5-14) sessions.

Conductive Education is unique because it’s holistic, intensive, dynamic and inclusive. It’s about celebrating the positives and starting from a place of opportunity.

Conductive Educators don’t simply try to get kids to tick the boxes of pre-ordained physical achievements; they build relationships with them, supporting and working alongside them to reach their potential. That’s why the effects of CE are so powerful. Kids with motor disabilities not only experience dramatic improvements in physical abilities, they grow in confidence and independence.

It’s a learning process and not a treatment or therapy.

Participants are learning components of skills needed to meet everyday life’s challenges. They are active participants in the learning process and not recipients of treatment.

Conductive Education is a partnership between educators and learners to create circumstances for learning.

Conductive Education – a way of learning for people of all ages with disabilities that maximises functional skill development resulting in greater independence and a better quality of life.

Our children have experienced the benefits of accessing Tomatis® since 2016.

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