Soundsory® Music Programme for Brain and Body for Use at Home

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How Soundsory® works

Soundsory® stimulates the brain with music filters

  • Rhythmical music – SOUNDSORY® is specifically designed to emphasize the rhythm of the music
  • Dynamic Filter system – SOUNDSORY® transmits the music with sudden changes of tonal contrasts triggered by timbre and intensity.
  • Air and Bone Conduction – SOUNDSORY® uses two different types of sound processing, both air and bone conduction, to stimulate the brain
  • Body Movement Exercises – SOUNDSORY® engages the user in a series of 50 special exercises that cause the neural networks in the brain to grow and become more efficient.

Soundsory® helps improve motor and cognitive abilities in children and adults. It is created by the trustees of the Tomatis® Method and has received multiple international awards. 

It has a built-in advanced listening programme that is ready to go. Put them on, press play, and listen to the high-quality headphones.

In Bluetooth mode, Soundsory® doubles as media headphones with excellent sound performance. You get two functions for the price of one.

The Soundsory® listening programme uses music that is joyful, relaxing, calming, and energising. It’s optimised for 30 minutes of listening per day for 40 days. Or take a break for at 2 weeks in the middle if you don’t want to continue the full 6 weeks.

Every time you repeat the programme you are likely to experience new benefits.

If you have heard about Auditory Processing, you know just how important it is for performance and well-being.

By using your Soundsory® daily you will gradually become more focused and function better in many areas of life.

At home and school

Use Soundsory® at home to improve learning outcomes or use it at school where several learners can take turns and experience increased calm and focus. 

Teachers who have tried love Soundsory®!

Soundsory® is also used by Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists in New Zealand and worldwide in their work with children with developmental delays and with adults to speed up rehabilitation after trauma.

For all ages

All ages benefit from the gentle sound stimulation with air and bone conduction and a “mini” version of the unique Tomatis Method Gating® dynamic filter system. Soundsory® helps to improve:

  • Attention, motivation, spatial judgement, hand-eye coordination and social skills
  • Clumsiness, posture, rhythm/timing, handwriting, eye contact, learning issues
  • Weak muscle tone, balance, forgetfulness due to ageing, delay in walking

Using Soundsory® also makes you feel happier (yes, that’s what people tell us!) and you may be inspired to move around and try a few dance steps…

Three functions in one device

When not listening to the Soundsory® programme, you can use the high-quality headphones to stream your favourite music or enjoy the (passive) sound reduction effect in noisy environments. You get 3 functions in one device.

Money back guarantee

If you’re not 100% happy with your Soundsory®, return it to us within 14 days, and we’ll give you a full refund. We are pretty sure you’ll love it, but anyway.

2-year Warranty

Soundsory® comes with a 2-year warranty.

Shipping from Auckland

Your Soundsory® will be couriered to you from Auckland, New Zealand, as soon as we get your payment. 

Soundsory® is manufactured by Sound for Life Ltd in Hong Kong, China, and imported for the New Zealand market by us, their partner company Your Amazing Health Ltd in New Zealand. 

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