Hear what Jesse Forrest, a successful business owner, has to say about his experience with the Tomatis® Method.

Hi, my name is Jesse Forrest. I’m a freelance copywriter and a digital agency owner here in Sydney. I met Maria about a year ago and I had the pleasure of meeting Maria and hearing all about her business which is the Tomatis® Method.

I am someone who is interested in peak performance, getting the most out of my career, and really succeeding in business, and performing my best so I’m always looking at ways to do that. And when I heard about the Tomatis® Method, I was immediately intrigued that as an adult I could go to this training programme just an hour or two a day and subconsciously get so much benefit out of it. At first, I was a little bit skeptical; I wasn’t sure how listening to music would really improve my performance at work. But after a number of months of going through the programme I can’t speak highly enough about it.

I notice myself making better decisions, faster decisions, I was taking on bigger projects, I had more opportunities come my way. I was suddenly performing better at work also. And I just felt a great sense of well-being and confidence after going through this programme and its benefits I’m still experiencing today in more than six months after completing the programme.

The Tomatis training method has been just instrumental in my success, it’s allowed me to perform better at work, it’s allowed me to feel more confident on stage when I’m presenting, and generally, I just feel happier and have a greater sense of well-being. So if you’re an executive or a business owner or an entrepreneur and you’re looking to get more at business and to achieve more, I can’t recommend the Tomatis method highly enough.