Sharon Greally

Sharon Greally


Tomatis ® Practitioner Level 1

Sharon Greally has discovered that Sound really is Healing. Through her research, she has found that Pythagoras, one of the greatest mathematicians and philosophers of all time, prescribed harmonic frequencies and music to treat human conditions. Using sound and vibration she was able to bring an individual’s attention to facilitate the healing process.

Sharon is a trained nurse, has had Early Childhood training, is a nutritionist, freelance journalist, and a mother of four beautiful children who have managed to guide her through life in the most interesting ways! She is also a musician and plays in three bands, including the nationally renowned Balkanistas!

She is a practicing artist and has exhibited both in NZ and Australia, where she and her family lived for many years.

She has taught art classes at Inverlochy Art school to both adults and children, for 15 years, and loves seeing the creative process help people overcome challenges as well as provide joy. A lot like playing music really, and seeing the emotions it provokes in people.

Sharon has worked for many years in Health Promotion, working for the Heart Foundation here in NZ, and for National Mutual Health Management, implementing programmes for Telstra and other such companies.

She is a globally registered practitioner of Biofield Tuning, and a Peter Hess Sound Massage practitioner.

Now as a certified Tomatis® Level 1 Practitioner, she has added the third part of the Sound Therapy triumvirate to her Good Vibrations Sound Therapy practice in Wellington. Working through the ages, she applies these principles and practices to clients with motor or sensory disorders including Attention Deficit Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorders, Speech and Language processes, Emotional regulation, Motor Skills and Co-ordination issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and to help improve Academic skills.

Through her work in Sound Therapy, she believes her journey is to facilitate the well-being of others.

Sound not only can heal your emotions and uplift you, it can also heal the body from illness, as well as improve Motor, Emotional, and Cognitive abilities.


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