Rachel Olson

New Plymouth

Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1

I have been working in the Education sector as a Teacher, Associate Principal and Special Needs co-ordinators for over 20 years. My husband and I have two sons with Special Needs – one with ADD and Asperger’s Syndrome and the other with Chronic Fatigue and Severe Dyslexia.

Why I work with Tomatis®

After seeing considerable success during a pilot programme of Tomatis® at our school, and with our own children, I wanted to make Tomatis available to as many people as possible in our area. I love working with people of all ages but my main clients are children and teenagers. I also spend a lot of our session times being a listening ear for stressed-out parents and helping them work on their parenting strategies.

I offer the benefit of my experiences as both an educator and mother of difficult children. I have a lot of compassion and understanding for stressed-out parents and kids. I can be flexible with where we provide our programmes. I am passionate about every child reaching their potential and being happy, fulfilled members of society and believe Tomatis® is a vehicle for achieving this.


Seeing children grow in confidence, and become willing to take risks in their learning is a common effect I see of Tomatis®. I have also seen a child lose his tic and another was able to reduce ADD medication (in consultation with his doctor). Many clients report reduced anxiety, better sleep, better sibling relationships and a much happier home-life. After several rounds of Tomatis®, I often see children make a huge leap in their learning, which is exciting to see.

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