Marcia Spyve


Tomatis® Practitioner Level 1

I have a strong belief in the power of the mind. I hold on to the belief that everyone has their own strengths and skills to make changes in their life, given the right vessel.

My vision has always been to create and influence positive change within people. Supporting people to recognise they have all the resources they need to change; guiding them to tap into these resources and skills to allow them in becoming the people or person they want to and can become.

Through my journey thus far as a counsellor, I have felt a great sense of expansion in my awareness. The gains and success of working holistically with individual clients, of strengthening the potential of positive outcomes, has been invaluable, in which I am very privileged.

Now with Tomatis® in hand, I have a greater opportunity in bringing success to those who want to further develop themselves. Whether it be children or adults, I have the expertise and the gift to unlock ‘true potential’. I have found the right vessel; in which I can truly reach my vision.

Together with my professionalism and humanity, it gives me greater insight and understanding into addressing any issues that may arise. I look forward to embarking on the Tomatis® journey with you.

Get in touch

I am currently not able to accept any new clients. Please contact one of my Tomatis® Practitioner colleagues in Auckland to find out more.