Jan Ward-Allen


Tomatis® Consultant Level 4

I am a mum with an adult son, and an experienced primary school teacher. For many years, I taught in mainstream primary schools and always questioned why some children struggled to learn compared to their peers.

I was born prematurely and have had to work really hard to achieve my qualifications so totally empathise with others who also have to work harder than their peers. When I started teaching children with “special needs”, I became fascinated with Neuroscience and how the brain and body work together.

After completing a Master in Education degree I still had many questions around how children actually learned so I continued to research and study different programmes to support children with learning difficulties.

The developmental approach to learning made total sense to me and it was this research and a “persuasive parent”, from a child in my class that lead me to Tomatis® in 2016. I have continued to work with adults and children and am now proud to be a Level 4 Tomatis® consultant.

Why I work with Tomatis®

I work with Tomatis® because after many years of working with students who have learning difficulties I wanted to offer families a different, developmentally appropriate and drug free approach that actually makes positive changes to improve learning and well-being.

After many years working with children I am now enjoying working with adults who have anxiety, tinnitus, hearing loss and audio-processing difficulties as we work together to make amazing changes.


“Our daughter has improved her reading level by more than 3 years in only 9 months. We’re thrilled and so is she”. (Parents of 8 year-old with suspected Dyslexia).

“My husband is much more communicative and less stressed”. (relieved wife)

“I feel less foggy-headed and seem to manage better every day”. (60 year old mother)

“It really helped with my anxiety” (Adult with Dyslexia)

“My husband no longer has noise control on speed dial, and he can ignore the party down the road”. (Happy wife)

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My business is called Active Listening and I look forward to hearing from you!